Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Warrior Gateway

Is Warrior Gateway a government or military program?
No — we are not a government or military program. We are a non-profit, official public charity, 501(c)(3) that receives all our funding from private grants, corporate sponsors and individual donations.

Does Warrior Gateway directly provide services, like housing assistance or PTSD counseling?
No — we do not directly deliver services. Instead, we allow users to easily search our database of existing service providers, to which they can then go directly for services.

Are any branches of the military involved?
Warrior Gateway is an independent non-profit. However, we are keeping the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Army Warrior Transition Command, Army Soldier for Life, Navy Safe Harbor, the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program, and other organizations up-to-date on our progress. Please note that there is no endorsement—implied or explicit—by any of these organizations.

Who else is involved?
Many, many organizations and people —Warrior Gateway was developed and assisted by a broad coalition of partners. We believe this work can’t be done by a single organization but together can work to provide the best solution for the military community. You can see the (always expanding) list of partners and supporters here.

I’m interested in helping out—how can I get involved?
We’d love your help! Any organizations that are interested in getting involved can email us here. We are looking for more partners to run the G.I. Network (ie the resource directory) on their websites and are always open to ideas on how we can work together to support the military community.

Individuals interested in getting involved can assist us by donating — your financial support allows us to continue to develop and expand this vital resource for the military community. Or your time —Want to organize/host a fundraiser in your town? Spread the word about Warrior Gateway at a local military event? Interested in helping us verify the data on the G.I. Network (the resource directory)? Or helping us register organizations with programs in your community?
Email us here

Site Features

How much does it cost to sign up?
Nothing! Using Warrior Gateway is completely free of charge to our military community and service provider users. In the future, we will be launching a number of advanced features (e.g., Business Intelligence & Reporting) for employers that will require a paid account, but for now everything is free.

Who can use Warrior Gateway?
Anyone can use Warrior Gateway, although there are three specific audiences that will find it useful: the military community (which includes veterans, active duty, reserve and guard members plus their spouses, family members, and caretakers); service providers (particularly those which offer services to the military community); and employers (particularly those looking to hire veterans).

What features currently exist?
Currently, Warrior Gateway’s main section is the Resource Directory also called the G.I. Network—a database that allows users to search for service providers (nonprofits, government programs, etc.) near them. You can also create a profile to connect with veterans in your local area, find and search for information on our blog and ask questions from the Warrior Gateway community.

Soon we’ll be launching a section where you can rate and review programs that you have participated in and leave feedback for organizations on how they can make them better for the next person. Do you have other ideas? We are always looking for feedback on how we can support the community better. Send your ideas here

Warrior Gateway Directory – G.I. Network
I work for a service provider — how can I get my organization listed in the Resource Directory (G.I. Network)?
First, check to make sure your organization isn’t already listed — our database contains listings from several partner directories so your organization might already be there. If it’s not, we are busy working on technology for organizations to self-register, claim their profile, add/edit their organizational information, and lots more! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list at When we have this ready we will notify you so that you will become the administrator for your organization’s profile, allowing you to easily edit your organization’s information and leave official responses to user reviews left your organization.

What are the requirements for a service provider to be listed?
There are no requirements — our goal is to be as inclusive as possible, so any organization that provides services to the military community can be listed.

I know of some service providers, but they aren’t listed in the Directory — what does that mean?
While our aim is to eventually list all service providers, but there may be some we haven’t found yet. If you know of a service provider that isn’t currently listed, it probably means we just haven’t run across that organization yet. The best thing to do in this case is to either create a listing for that service provider, or talk with the organization and recommend that they create a profile for themselves on the Warrior Gateway.

Where does your data for service providers come from?
Our data comes from several sources. We have syndicated the listings of a number of other smaller directories such as the National Resource Directory, the Directory of VA facilities, and many others. Also, many listings are submitted and updated by our users.